Uniden PRO401HH Handheld CB Radio [PRO401HH]

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PRO401HH Handheld CB Radio

The Uniden PRO401HH combines the convenience of a handheld CB radio with an extremely long range, ensuring that the user is never out of touch. It operates on any of the 40 AM frequencies authorized by the FCC.

This CB radio features a superheterodyne circuit with phase-locked loop technology for precise frequency control. Users also get Auto Noise Cancel to reduce pulse noise and Squelch Control for high-quality sound. There are two power settings on the CB radio: a low-power setting to conserve battery life and a high-power setting to extend the range as needed. The PRO401HH is a unique blend of safety, style, and range.

40 CB Channel

Enjoy the complete range of 40 CB radio channels to communicate with those around the user. The backlit display is easy to read, even in low-light conditions.

Hi-Low Power Settings

It features a low-power setting to conserve battery life and a high-power setting so users can extend the range when needed.

Compact Design

Compact and lightweight, it weighs about one pound, making it easy to operate with one hand. Features strategically place controls and jacks on the top, left, and right sides.

AA Battery/12V DC Operation

Use rechargeable (9 AA Ni-MH) or alkaline (9 AA) batteries (not included). The included DC power cable will charge the batteries.

Squelch Control

Squelch control for optimal sound. Turn the squelch knob to adjust the level at which the radio suppresses weak radio signals. This will provide high-quality sound.


  • Squelch control
  • RX/TX indicator
  • Portable handheld design
  • Superheterodyne circuit

In the Box:

  • PRO401HH CB Radio
  • Antenna
  • DC power cable
  • Belt clip

Owner's Manual (pdf)



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