Rana EYE - Backup Alarm with Integrated Warning Light

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The new Rana EYE integrates both an SAE J994 certified back-up alarm and an SAE warning light into a single, easy-to-install assembly. 

  • Combination of audio and visual alerts with two back-up alarms and an integrated warning light
  • Universal mounting holes make it easy to install
  • Reinforced nylon housing
  • Epoxy sealing protects the assembly from moisture, water or dust ingress
  • Ideal for Utility, Construction, Wide-Load, 
  • Voltage:10-33VDC
  • Decibels:112dB
  • Max Power: 6W (warning light) , 2W (Back-up alarm)
  • Vibration Resistant: 10G
  • LED Color: Amber Blue, Red, White 
  • IP Rating: 69K
  • Mount:Bolt Mount
  • Operating Temperature:-30 to 70 ℃ 
  • Back Up Alarm - SAE J994 certified (warning light)
  • LED Warning Light -  SAE J595,CA Title 13, ECE R65 and R10 



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