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RAM Mount Finger-Grip Holder w/Track Ball Base - Long [RAM-HOL-UN4-C-354-TRA1U]

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Finger-Grip™ Holder with Track Ball™ Base - Long

This RAM® Track Mount for handheld radios (RAM-HOL-UN4-C-354-TRA1U) is made up of a B-size 1" ball molded to a high-strength composite base, a rubber friction washer, and a stainless steel T-bolt for sliding into any third-party track system or the RAM® Tough-Track™ line of tracks. Simply insert or slide the Track Ball™ into your track and twist the ball clockwise to tighten it in place. Twist counterclockwise to loosen or adjust the ball. Included in this kit are a B-size long-length socket arm and a RAM® Finger-Grip™ for handheld radios featuring adjustable side arms for a form fit depending on your specific radio.

This track mount is ideal for mounting 2-way radios to the Jeep JL and Gladiator dashboard track mounts (RAM-DT-204-TRACK-A12U) and the new Ford Bronco dashboard track mount (RAM-DT-207-TRACK-EXA-29BU).


  • 1" B-size RAM® ball with adjustable T-bolt designed for track mounting systems, including the RAM® Tough-Track™ and other third-party track systems
  • Features a rubber friction washer and a stainless steel T-bolt; simply insert it into your track and twist the ball clockwise to tighten
  • Includes a B-size long-length socket arm and a RAM® Finger-Grip™ handheld radio holder with adjustable side arms for a variety of different radios
  • RAM® Finger-Grip™ holds a variety of different 2-way radios and includes three sets of four rubber-coated fingers for different-sized devices, as well as top and bottom optional device supports
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty


  • Hardware Included: Assembly hardware
  • Holder Dimensions (inch): Height Range: 7.25" max (using optional supports) / Width Range: 1.25" - 3.5" / Max Depth: 1.5"
  • T Bolt Dimensions: .48” x .95”
  • Socket to Socket Length (inch): 5.31”
  • Ball Size (inch): B size (1”)
  • Weight Capacity: The standard use is 2 lbs. and the heavy-duty use is 1 lb.
  • Materials: Marine-grade aluminum and high-strength composite
  • Weight: 1.17 lb.

Compatible Devices:

  • 2-Way: Radios
  • Amcrest: ATR-22
  • Brother: RuggedJet Go 2035B and RuggedJet Go 2055WB
  • BaoFeng: BF-888S, BF-F8+, BF-F8HP, DMR-6X2, MURS-V1, UV-5R, UV-82C, UV-82HP, UV-82L, and UV-82X
  • Garmin: Alpha 100, Astro 900 System, Delta Sport XC, Delta Upland XC, Delta XC, eTrex Touch 25, eTrex Touch 35, eTrex Touch 35t, GPSMAP 66 Series, inReach Explorer+, inReach SE+, Montana 700, Montana 700i, Montana 750, Montana 750i, PRO Control, and Sport PRO
  • Honeywell: CT40
  • Midland: 75-822, EX37VP, HH50B, LXT118, LXT118VP, LXT500VP3, LXT535VP3, LXT560VP3, LXT600VP3, LXT630VP3, LXT633VP3, X-Talker T10, X-Talker T20, X-Talker T31VP, X-Talker T35VP, X-Talker T51VP3, X-Talker T55VP3, X-Talker T61VP3, X-Talker T65VP3, X-Talker T71VP3, X-Talker T75VP3, and X-Talker T77VP5
  • Spot: X
  • TYT: DM-UVF10, MD-2017, MD-280, MD-380, MD-380G, MD-390, MD-446, Q1, TC-2000A, TC-3000A, TC-3000B, TC-5000, TC-7000, TC-8000, TH-446, TH-6200, TH-F5, TH-F7, TH-UV6R, TH-UV818, TH-UV8R, TH-UVF1, TH-UVF8D, TH-UVF9, TH-UVF9D, TK-918, TK-928, TK-938, TYT-777, TYT-800, W700, X1, and X2
  • Venterior: VT-FF001/E, VT-FF002, VT-FF003, VT-FF04
  • Wouxun: KG-659E, KG-699E, KG-703E, KG-819, KG-828, KG-829, KG-928, KG-939, KG-958, KG-959, KG-968, KG-988, KG-D2000, KG-D900, KG-D901, KG-UV66, KG-UV8D, KG-UV9D, KG-UV9K, KG-UVA1, KG-V55, and KG-WT18
  • Yaesu: FT-25R, FT-270R, FT2DR, FT-4VR, FT-4XR, FT-60R, FT-65R, FT-70DR, FT-70DR, and VX-6R
  • Zebra: TC21, TC26, and EC30



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