Single Shot Time Delay Relay

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Single Shot Time Delay Relay
  • 1 - 100 sec
  • 12-125V DC

Upon application of input voltage, the time delay relay is ready to accept a trigger. When the trigger is applied, the output is energized and the time delay (t) begins. During the time delay (t), the trigger is ignored. At the end of the time delay (t), the output is de-energized and the time delay relay is ready to accept another trigger.

  • Voltage Tolerance: DC Operation: +10/-15% of nominal.
  • Load (Burden): Maximum of 1 VA for all voltages
  • Setting Accuracy: Maximum Setting (Adjustable): +5%, -0%; Minimum Setting (Adjustable): +0%, -50%; Fixed Time Delay: +2% or 50ms, whichever is greater
  • Repeat Accuracy (Constant Voltage & Temperature): +0.1% or + 0.04 seconds, whichever is greater
  • Reset Time: 40ms
  • Output Contacts: Solid State 1A Continuous, 10A Inrush @ 65o C
  • Life: No predictable failure if used within operating parameters.
  • Leakage Current (OFF-State): <10 uA @ 125VDC

  • Minimum Load Current: 0mA

  • Effective Voltage Drop (ON-State): Maximum 0.69V @ 1A for all voltages

  • Temperature: -28o to 65oC (-18o to 149oF)

Macromatic THS-1154D-31T



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