Earhugger T1010 Listen Only Headphone

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Earhugger T1010 - T-Series Acoustic Tube Listen Only Headphone 3.5mm Plug

The Ideal Headset For Discrete Communications With Film Crews, Casinos, Security At Museums, Crowd Control At Events & Hotel Housekeeping
Great Also For Valet Service, Restaurants & Department Stores

  • Cord Length: 14"
  • Plug Length: 3.5mm

T-Series Headphones Include:

  • Two Open-Ear Inserts
  • Clear Acoustic Tube
  • Black Acoustic Tube
  • Patented Clear Plastic Ear Frame
  • Patented Black Plastic Ear Frame

The T1010 3.5mm Plug Will Fit Into Any Shoulder Mic Head With A 3.5mm Jack



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