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Pulsator 551+ Beacon

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Pulsator 551+ Beacon

Federal Signal's Pulsator® 551 Plus features a state-of-the-art power supply for improved light output and warning effectiveness. This high-profile strobe combines advanced dome optics with a high-performance power supply to produce a brilliant flash that meets SAE Class 2 requirements. Pulsator 551 Plus strobes are exceptionally durable. The power supply is moisture and vibration resistant and protected against reverse polarity, voltage spikes and RFI. The patented base design and O-ring gasket combine to seal out moisture and contaminants. All models feature modular construction that provides quick access to internal components.

  • High-profile, polycarbonate base strobe beacon
  • Easily replaceable helical strobe tube
  • Automatic adjustment to function at any voltage from 12-48VDC
  • 10J, 12.5W,
  • Quad flash
  • Amber Dome



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