5-Gallon Beverage Roller Cooler

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Whether your crew is out on the jobsite or fighting a field fire, keep them hydrated and safe from the sun with the 5-gallon Sport Roller Cooler from Igloo.

With a great capacity of five gallons, this insulated dispenser is perfect for cold drinks wherever you go. Store any beverage, from water to lemonade or just ice, and the Igloo cooler will keep it cool for when you need a refreshing drink. The pressure-fit lid prevents spills and keeps unwanted dirt or other things from getting in your beverage.

The Igloo 5-gallon heavy-duty beverage cooler comes with handy side handles and can be wheeled in order to make it portable and easy to store or easy access for to pour Gatorade over your co-workers head. 

  • Locking, telescoping handle with gear hangers and wide inset wheels lightens full beverage jug carrying load for easy transport to and from games
  • Cool Riser Technology® - elevated design improves cooling performance
  • Gasketed, leak-resistant lid with secure latch prevents spills during transport
  • Recessed, leak-resistant spigot is removable and dishwasher safe for cleaning
  • Elevated design creates easier access for filling cups and containers and helps keep grass and dirt away from spigot
  • Molded-in side handles provide lifting and loading ease



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