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RS485 Relay Module

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The RS485-Relay Module provides users with the ability to control and customize warning packages, including any serial light bar, with a variety of warning light heads and is designed to operate in conjunction with a Convergence Network controller, such as Federal Signal's

  • Three-button controller
  • Six-button controller
  • SmartSiren® Platinum.

The RS485 is designed with (4) individual relay outputs to control (4) different devices from one unit:

  • Relay OUT1 operates up to 15 Amps
  • Relay OUT2 operates up to 20 Amps
  • Relay OUT3 and OUT4 operates up to 10 Amps each

These (4) relay outputs operate independent of one another and can be turned on or off with a network command. Each Relay Module has the equivalent of a (2) channel flasher incorporated into relay output positions 3 and 4. The (2) flasher channel offers the user the ability to flash secondary lights to 10 Amps per channel in alternating flash patterns.

  • Works in conjunction with the Three-button or Six-button serial controllers
  • Built-in (2) channel flasher with alternating flash patterns
  • Four relay outputs — (2) 10 Amp and (2) 15 Amp (MAX 35 Amps)
  • Three-year warranty



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